Why Hunt Swine in the Pines?

Hunting the Florida Feral Hog can be costly if you don't know someone that has Hogs on their property.
Finding a Hog on public land can be difficult and time consuming.

Once you have spent your time and money visiting potential public land locations, there is no guarantee that the Hogs will be there and that you will have the opportunity to harvest a Hog. This process could take days or even weeks to harvest one Hog. Statistics have shown in the state of Florida that every hunter spends on average of $60.00 a day while hunting, and that statistic does not include the guarantee that you will harvest an animal during that trip.

Here at Swine in the Pines, we guarantee that you will have the opportunity to harvest a Hog.
We don't guarantee the size but we do guarantee the opportunity.

Here is an example of the cost of hunting public land versus hunting at Swine in the Pines:
Day 1: Drive to and from hunting site...120 miles round trip
Fuel, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner, Ice, etc.
Now imagine adding a week to this trip;
Total cost for 7 days of hunting with no guarantee of having the opportunity to harvest a Hog...$420.00

Hunting at Swine in the Pines you only pay for what you harvest!
Those rates will vary depending on the size of the Hog you choose to harvest but you are totally in control of the hunt.

"Starting from the time you choose to pull the trigger until the Hog is in the chiller!"
You will make the decisions on what Hog you will harvest.

We have a professional staff that sets you up for success every time. The guides are there to assist you in all aspects of the hunt; everything from Hunter Safety to shot placement with the Gun/Firearm of choice.

"The guides are there to GET YOU ON THE HOGS!"

Field Dressing, Quartering and Icing can all be done by one of our guides.

The Hunt can take a few minutes or last all day on our 40 acres of prime hunting property that is surrounded by over 500 acres of untouched hunting land. Not only will you save on the total cost of harvesting a Hog, you also gain the precious time you would have spent hunting somewhere else.

Whether it's your first hunt or if you are hunting a "Monster" you will have the opportunity to have your hunt recorded so you can share your experience and adventure with friends and family.

You will also have the convenience of having your trophy Hog mounted/butchered by one of our recommended taxidermist/meat processors. These add on services will be at the going rate of the taxidermist/butcher. We will have these rates/fees available prior to your hunt.