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Stand/Still Hunts

Guided Hunts - Stand & Still Hunts - Florida Wild Boar Hunts

If you are looking for a wild hog hunt, you've found the right place. Hog hunting is our specialty! We have an abundance of wild hogs some of which have large tusks and weigh in excess of 300 pounds. We offer the opportunity to harvest true trophy record book wild hogs.

Wild hogs have a nasty reputation. They can be very aggressive and this is the allure of wild hog hunting for many hunters. Hunting a wild boar in thick cover is sure to get the boar hunters heart pumping. This is one reason the popularity of wild hog hunts has grown so quickly.

Florida is home to more wild hogs than most states in the nation. We are located just west of Jacksonville which can save you time and money when compared to many Florida hog hunts. Our hog hunts are very competitively priced and include outstanding service that many hunts lack. So come enjoy some Florida wild hog hunting and save yourself some time and money.

We offer hog hunting year round and we allow hunts with the firearm/gun of your choice (rifle, handgun, muzzle-loader, bow, crossbow, etc.). Our hunts are conducted on densely wooded property complete with stands throughout the property.

Guided Hunts - Swine In The Pines - Florida Wild Boar Hunts

Any hog with any smarts in an area with any kind of hunting pressure is going to learn very quickly that death comes from above; and will act accordingly. Our stands have been in place for some time, you can bet your bacon that the hogs are going to check it out carefully before they show themselves. Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp challenges the most seasoned hunters, while the experienced guides make sure that beginners learn the ropes and bag their first trophy. Additionally, Swine in the Pines features a shooting range where rifle and hand gun hunters can fine tune their firearm while bow and crossbow hunters can also get in on the action with our archery range.

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Spear Hunts

Spear Hunts at Swine In The Pines

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Group Hunts

If you are planning a Corporate Event or group hunting adventure, please allow us to custom tailor a Hunt Package for your specific needs. We will work with you one-on-one to tailor the agenda and price/budget to exactly what you need. We would love an opportunity to host your next event!

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Youth Hunts

Hog Hunting in Florida - Hog Hunting Guides

At Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp, we love to get youths involved in hunting and introduce new, young hunters to the challenges, enjoyment and thrills of the sport of hunting. We believe that it is necessary for the guide to take the time to explain the special characteristics of a specific animal and answer any questions that a young hunter might have. We consider it our duty to discuss firearm/gun safety, animal habitat, the effect of a clean environment on wildlife for the future. Safety is the always the first priority!

Children under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

At Swine in the Pines we treat everyone the same, from a child hunting for the first time to an experienced hunter. We believe in making memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Goals:
* Preserve the hunting heritage in Florida for present and future generations
* Promote the highest ethical standards in hunting
* Give our youth an initial, positive, safe, educational mentored hunting experience
* Teach the basic skills, values, techniques and responsibilities of hunting
* Instill in youth a basic understanding of how hunting is a conservation tool

On Our Youth Hunts, You Will:
* Learn how to hunt safely, legally and ethically
* Develop your marksmanship and firearm skills
* Learn how to track and process game
* Learn the relationship between hunting and conservation
* Appreciate nature first-hand
* Make new friends
* Spend quality time with family, friends and other experienced hunters
* Leave with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Family Hunts

Skip the beach and put off visiting the theme parks. Instead, plan an unforgettable family vacation right here in Starke, Florida. A trip to Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp offers all inclusive family hunts that will make this year a vacation to remember.

Bring the whole family with you on your hunt. Let them go on a photograph hunt and take outdoor photographs of the numerous species of native wildlife.

The family hunt package is perfectly tailored to accommodate the entire family.

This package includes:
Guided Hog Hunt: Contact us for cost; will depend on number of people/ages.
Serene Stands/Blinds: Families hunt in cozy stands/blinds in the woods, one-two-three people options per hunting blind.
Peace and Quiet: The best part of Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp is the time in the outdoors with family.

Many fathers and mothers choose Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp when taking their sons or daughters on their first hunting trip. Our seasoned guides will ensure that a first hunting trip is educational and successful. The time spent at Swine in the Pines will help develop family traditions in the years to come.

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Guided Hog Hunts at Swine In The Pines Hog Hunting Camp