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Mission Statement
"The purpose of our Hunting Camp is to promote safe, responsible, ethical hunting in the pursuit of outdoor fellowship with family, friends and the feral hog."

Florida Hog Hunting - Discounted rates for veterans, first-responders, children, and groups

"Swine in the Pines" is owned and operated by two U.S. Military Veterans with over 35 years in active duty service. Mark and Jeff strive to provide un-paralleled professional service while preserving the rich tradition of hunting with Friends, Family, and the Florida Feral Hog. We take pride in providing a family friendly environment as well as saluting our courageous men and women of the Armed Forces and First-Responders. We have spent years hunting Wild Hogs in Florida and our knowledge and experience is reflected in our camp, assuring you an exciting and memorable Hog hunt.

North Florida terrain is perfect Wild Hog territory, and our camp is no exception! Swine in the Pines has a mix of pine forest, oak trees and swamp bottoms where Florida Hogs are found. Tall Lob-lolly, Long-leaf and Slash pine trees, Live Oak and Oak Scrub fields, Saw Palmetto and Southern Magnolia thick underbrush, make the hunt challenging for rifle, muzzle loader, shotgun, handgun, and bow/crossbow hunters alike.

We provide "Fully-Guided, Semi-Guided, or No-Guide" hunts tailored to the needs of the experienced or beginner hunter. Hog hunts are always done from our custom built hunting blinds. Hunts will be scheduled throughout the day to meet the needs of our client's schedules. All hunters will be escorted from the main camp area to their stands and back to camp on all hunts by one of our friendly hunting guides. Our guarantee to you is "You will have the opportunity to "take/or make a shot" on a Florida Wild Hog". We do not guarantee the size or the harvesting of a hog; that is solely up to you!

At "Swine in the Pines" all of our clients will be hunting on privately owned land and because it is privately owned, a Florida hunting license is not required for the harvesting of Wild Hogs. On private property with the landowner's permission, you may hunt wild hogs year-round with any legal gun or firearm. Also, there are no size or bag limits. You may harvest either sex, and you don't even need a hunting license to do so. That goes for nonresidents as well. Located on 40 acres, surrounded by a hog-proof fence, "Swine in the Pines" is waiting to give you a hunting experience second to none. Since we are open year-round, all you have to do is call, choose a date and time, and start the adventure.

We are everything you are looking for in a Hog Hunt.
We want you to enjoy your time with us and the outdoors.
We cater each hunt to your needs.
You come here as guests and leave here as friends.
Please call and book your hunt today!

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